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Viking Motorcycle "Enforcer" Jacket Review

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I recently had the opportunity to test and review a motorcycle jacket from a company that is fairly new to the scene. That company is Viking Cycle. Now I normally wear Klim gear, so my standards and expectations are quite high when it comes to what I am willing to trust my life and limb to.I've got to say, my expectations were not exceedingly high for a jacket that is priced at merely $125USD.  I patiently waited for the jacket to arrive, and when it did... I was impressed. Upon removing the jacket from the postal packaging, I took note of the YKK zippers, some decent entry level padding that is removable(should you be able and willing to upgrade.) and the well thought out pockets and reflective accent placement.            

The length of the jacket is a longer cut, as it is a dual-sport/touring style of jacket and the length is just right. Not so short that it will ride halfway up my back when riding, but not too long either. The jacket does have a quilted zip-in liner for those colder days, as well as a couple of well-placed vents over the shoulders and across the back of the jacket, for those warmer days. I have worn this jacket a few times now, in 28F weather, and have been very well impressed with its warmth without being overly bulky or cumbersome. I am looking forward to many more rides with this jacket and working it into the gear lineup as well as loaning it to friends to get their impressions. At this early point, I would say that you can not beat the price of $124.99USD and definitely cannot match the quality for that price. I have had other "pricepoint" jackets in the past that were double this price and less than half the quality. What's even better, is they are currently having a holiday sale that allows for 30% off of your purchase, which makes this jacket roughly $95USD! Viking Cycle has many other styles for both men and women as well, including leather, textile, gloves, etc.

You can find them here Viking Cycle

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